MAY 2017 /

The Magic Carpet Mosaic Project.

14-18 May 2017 Mytilene, Lesvos island, Greece

4 days for a beautiful and moving community mosaic project in the island of Lesbos ,where thousand of refugees arrive from different countries .

Our Idea was to create a symbol of memory and unity on a central place in the city .

The wall of the Municipality Theater of Mytilene, (Lesbos capital) was chosen.

The concept was to create several mosaic squares to form a Mediterranean carpet . And to give the opportunity to the refugees of Lesbos to create a personal piece and participate to a giant mosaic mural !

Leader Team: Valerie Nicoladzé (Esprit Mosaique -France), Kalliopi Kalaitzidou (Calliope Mosaics- Greece)

Team of volunteers from : Greece , Germany , England , Spain : Mira Salomori, Omar Al Said, Danae, Lenio, Leon, Podromos Cajon, Maria Prak, Nikos Chatzilas, Spyros Myron Pavlis, Inge and Pete Wilson .

Participants: Migrants and Refugees from various countries: Greece, Syria, Afganhistan, Marocco, Irak, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, States, Nigeria, Netherland.

Main sponsor: Swiss Cross,

Materials sponsor: Esprit Mosaique, catering provided by Iliachtida.

Video making: Spyros Myron

THE MURAL  : a 5 days project : 98 individual squares , 60 participants, 4,5m2 mosaic ,15 countries represented.
Read more about the project French Text  or English text